Maximum Overdrive

Errrmmm, a green overdrive?Nope this is not a tubescreamer, at low gain settings you can dial an overdrive sound specially adjusting the  tone/thickness control, but don’t expect a light overdrive even with the gain knob counter clockwise.

Increase the gain and adjust the tone and you can go from a heavy overdrive to distortion and even into big muff territory. Note that the tone control is more a thickness control not really adding or limiting any frequency.And like some legendary pedals it crackles while adjusted, don’t worry it is not broken.


  • Small box 112x60x31 mm
  • Hulk like green skull graphics.
  • Crackle allright tone control.
  • Point to point hand wired.
  • True-bypass.
  • Volume, gain and tone controls.
  • Loud as it should be.