Yes! I am taking pedals for trade credit when you buy a pedal from Dagpedals.

What we are looking for: Any  gear from big or small pedal companies in full working order

What we are not interested in: Diy pedals, low quality stuff, sorry no minipedals chinese clones etc… Super expensive vintage stuff. Non working units.

How it Works:

Fill out the form telling us what pedal you want to trade and in what  condition it’s in. Give us an estimate value for the pedal. We may agree with your price or we’ll make you an offer(always based on market value). You will receive a reply normally within 24h. If you agree to the prices we’ll get you to post your pedal/pedals to us  and we’ll give them a test before posting out your new pedal.

No cash will be given for a trade-in pedal with a higher trade-in value than the new pedal

You will receive a reply normally within 24h. Thanks!