SUPAMODEL MKI (discontinued)



A thunderous GE/SI fuzz.

Supamodel features:

(Germanium Silicon hybrid,two germanium transistor pushed by a silicon transistor)

Volume control.

Gain control.

Tone  Control.

1.5mm custom steel  enclosure.

Point to point hand wired on stripboard

Powered with 9V DC supply (standard “Boss TM” type) only.                           No polarity issues.

True bypass switch.

A nuclear warhead in a box, a germanium/silicon hybrid, possibly the loudest  meanest fuzz you can play  ( louder than any Vintage Germanium fuzz and also most pedals and able to create a massive wall of fuzz and sustain ) . Combining the gain knob with the Tone knob will let you dial in lots of fuzz tones and adapt the Supamodel to different guitars and amps.

Place your Supamodel first in your signal chain or after truebypass pedals.

Listen to the Supamodel in action: